Who Gets Custody In A Divorce?

All divorce cases in Oklahoma are unique and different. Divorces involving minor children have two things in common; custody and visitation. These are the two most difficult things to deal with in a divorce case. They can be stressful and often times feel uncertain. Having a family lawyer that can help you navigate this is going to be priceless. So who gets custody in a divorce? Let’s break some things down.

You Have To Wait

Couples with children have a 90 day waiting period in Oklahoma before a divorce can be granted. Both parties must also take a parenting class as required by law. Now, just because there is a 90 day minimum, doesn’t mean that is when it will be over. It can, and often does, goes much longer past this point.

Temporary Orders

In the beginning of the case there will be a hearing for temporary orders. This is where temporary agreements are made on certain responsibilities. Things like who pays for certain bills, and even child custody can be decided. Keep in mind that these temporary orders are just that, temporary. They can and likely will be changed at a date later on.

When Is Custody Decided?

This is a complex issue. There are different types of custody, and the one granted by the judge must be in the best interest of the child. Joint custody is becoming more and more common in our state, but sole custody still exists. In order for joint custody to work, both parties need to be able to communicate with each other and make decisions together regarding the child’s care. Of course there are many factors that go into the kind of custody you and your former spouse will have.

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