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As the father of a child, you have rights. Whether or not you were married when the child was born may change the process to establishing those rights, but they still exist. In Oklahoma, the mother presumes sole custody if the child was born out of wedlock. However, we can establish paternity and asset your rights as the father of the child. As a Sapulpa paternity lawyer, Keri Palacios works to protect the rights of fathers and their children. 

Mothers Establishing Paternity

Likewise, Keri can help mothers seeking to establish paternity of their children. The purpose is to help both parents do what is best for their children. If you are a mother of a child born out of wedlock and are seeking to establish the paternity of the child, schedule a consultation now so that Keri Palacios can begin working with you on your case. 



Sapulpa Paternity lawyer
fathers rights attorney

How Paternity Works In Oklahoma

There are two different ways of establishing paternity in Oklahoma. You can either open a child support case, or sign an acknowledgement of paternity. This voluntary signature is accepted by the court and established paternity by law. Establishing paternity in Oklahoma is important when it comes to the wellbeing of the child. There are things that will help your child that can not happen otherwise. Things like

  • knowing family medical history.
  • access to benefits such as social security, military benefits and more
  • becoming the heir to family assets
  • support from both parents

Paternity can be established at any time before the child turns 18. However, the father may not be added to the childs birth certificate without the child’s permission once the child reaches 18. A child is also capable of petitioning the court to establish paternity if the child does not have a father already. Keri Palacios can help you with this process.

If you need to establish paternity for your child in Oklahoma, don’t wait to contact our office. We work hard to help you get the representation you deserve in your case. Every paternity case is unique and requires experience and attention to detail. Keri Palacios practices paternity and family law all of the state of Oklahoma and she can help you with your case as well. Send us a message or give us a call now to get started. 


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Knowing that you are doing everything possible for your child is a priceless feeling. Many benefirs come with establishing paternity such as giving your child your last name, adding them to your insurance, and knowing that they will receive state benefits in the even of your untimely death. If you need to establish paternity of your child, please call our office at 918-948-9270 or send us a message using the form below. 

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