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Adoption is one of the most beautiful and selfless expressions of love a person can give. Having the desire to provide a better life for a child that they may not have otherwise is an amazing gift. Going through the legal process of adoption can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to navigate, but Keri Palacios is an experienced Oklahoma adoption lawyer that can help you in this process. 

There are many reasons for wanting to adopt a child and even more types of adoptions. The court system provides an overview and outline of requirements that are designed to serve in the best interest of the child. These help you to grow together, and build the best future possible for the child. If this is something you are considering, contact our Sapulpa Oklahoma adoption lawyer at 918-948-9270 to set up a consultation. 

What Types Of Oklahoma Adoptions Are There?

There are many kinds of adoptions in the State Of Oklahoma. Some are more common than others. For instance, while adult adoption is very real, it is very rarely seen. Some of the more common adoptions in Oklahoma would be

Individual Adoptions: This is usually a direct arrangement between the adoptive parents and the natural parents of the child. In many places this is generally heavily regulated but still very common. An attorney is often hired to handle the paperwork in these cases to prevent further legal complications. 

Relative Adoptions: This is the most preferred and common form of adoption in Oklahoma. The court always favors family raising children and usually happens in the event of incapacitation or death of the parents. Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents are the normal candidates and this makes the adoption process much easier in the court system. 

 Stepparent Adoptions: A stepparent adoption is one that occurs when the spouse of a parent adopts the child from the original parent. If the other parent does not agree to the adoption or cannot be located, an attorney will have to step in and help with the paperwork. 

There are several other kinds of adoptions including same sex adoptions and adoptions without the consent of the other party. These should all be addressed with an Oklahoma adoption lawyer like Keri Palacios. Experience in these cases greatly simplifies the amount of time and work it takes to get them done. 

Oklahoma Adoption Attorney
Oklahoma Adoption Lawyer

Oklahoma Adoption Requirements and Process

It is always easier when adoption is voluntary and consentual. In these cases and attorney can easily help with arrangements and walk through the process with you. In Oklahoma you are required to show that you can care for the child not only financially but psychologically and physcially as well. You will also need a history on the child about the birth parents as there may be things that can affect the child’s health. An adoptive parent must be at least 21 years old but does not necessarily have to be related to the child by blood. Single people and stepparents may also adopt children. 

In Oklahoma, adopted children may also assume the name of their adoptive parents at a specific age. Adoptive parents are given complete and total responsibility and obligation of the child just as a natural parent would. This includes the ability to prohibit visitation with the former parents. If a child lived with their natural parents for a period of time prior to the adoption, the court may grant visitation with those parents. 

The role of an adoption attorney in Oklahoma is to produce all of the contracts involved in the proceedings whether they are representing the birth or adoptive parents. This should be done in a confidential setting, working with both parties to meet all of the requirements. The attorney may also advise of any risks either party would be taking. 


What If I Can’t Take Care Of My Baby?

Oklahoma has a “Safe Have” Law that allows mothers to surrender their child to medical professionals and child rescuers within a week of the child being born. A omther may not fully consent to adoption before the child has been born and may withdraw her consent at any point in the adoption proceedings. However, should you find yourself in a desperate situation and cannot take care of your child, contact Keri Palacios and get legal help with what your options are. This selfless act of love may save a childs life. 



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Adoption is a great feeling and something amazing we can do to help one another. If you are considering adoption, or are a birth parent seeking options, contact our law office today for legal advice. Knowing how the court system operates and extensive experience in the adoption process will help you with your case. Call our office today at 918-948-9270 or send a message using the form below to get started. 

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