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If you need a civil attorney in Sapulpa, look no further than Keri D. Palacios. No case is too complex whether you are an individual or a business needing representation. Keri takes your case seriously and is completely involved in resolving any civil litigation. With the experience to take your case to trial if necessary, she fights for your rights with compassion and attentiveness.  Keri has dedicated herself to being an advocate for those who are hurting and need help. She understands what you are going through and can give your case the one on one attention needed. If you are seeking representation for your civil case in Sapulpa, look no further than the office of Keri D. Palacios. 

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Small claims attorneys represent individuals and business entities that have been sued by another. This can be because of a contract issue, personal injury, family case, or many other reasons. We can represent you in pursuit of or in defense of money or property recovery. We can interview and other witnesses to help build your case, and prepare and conduct depositions. 

Your case will be presented before the judge with all the necessary evidence. We can engage in negotiations with the other parties attorney as well to negotiate settlements. If it as all possible, you want to keep your case out of the courtroom. It doesn’t matter if you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Taking things all the way to trial is not always the most beneficial thing for either party.  You may want to see if an agreeable settlement amount can be reached outside of the courtroom. We are prepared to go to mediation with you and look for a satisfactory outcome for you in your small claims cases. 

We are prepared to fight for your best interests and address your situation individually. Call our Sapulpa civil lawyer today to schedule a consultation for your small claims case. 

Sapulpa Civil Attorney
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Sapulpa Civil Law Attorney

Did you know? Divorce is both a family law and civil law matter. Sapulpa civil law attorney Keri D. Palacios can help you with your civil lawsuit case. Whether you are seeking compensation for damage, or trying to protect assets. Keri is here to make sure you get the adequate representation you deserve. 

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