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Deciding to form a corporation can provide many benefits to your business. While it can seem like a complex issue to tackle, maintaining compliance will always be an ongoing thing. Sapulpa corporate attorney Keri D. Palacios can help. She can help you decide if incorporating is the right move for you.

Reasons To File For Incorporation In Oklahoma

Not only does incorporating protect you and your fellow shareholders, it can help you to raise capital for your business. This allows you to sell shares of your company to others. In order to do this though, you must file with the Secretary Of State. Not only does this help you lock down a business name as your own, but it protects your interests. It is not something that everyone does, for instance sole proprietors may opt out of this. A simple search will let you know if the name you have chosen is already taken.

This will also help you to resolve disputes that may come up as time goes on. You will want to make sure that these documents are filled out to their completion. During the course of business you will have other issues to address such as payroll and taxes. You may need an employee identification number or EIN. How you pay your business taxes will depend on the type of business you file for. Every business at some point requires some legal counsel. Internal and external legal issues arise.

We want to be the corporate attorney you can trust for your business and its assets. Kari D. Palacios is an experienced Sapulpa business lawyer that can help you navigate this complex system. Let us help you protect your business assets and interests. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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