Grandparents Rights In Oklahoma

In the majority of families, grandparents are a very important part of children’s lives. This relationship may be put under a strain when parents split up or divorce. Oklahoma recognizes that grandparents do play a vital role to children and have rights to see them, even if it is against a parents wishes. If you have questions about when and where grandparents rights in Oklahoma take place, Keri Palacios is here to help.

Visitation Laws For Grandparents

There are no constitutional laws granting rights to grandparents. Only biological parents hold rights to children and grandparents may be granted court ordered visitation. While many people in all 50 states have challenged grandparents visitation rulings, they are generally upheld.

Grandparents Visitation In Oklahoma

In our state, a judges first concern is going to be preserving the parent-child relationship. Therefore, grandparent visitation may not interfere with custodial rights. There are several factors that fo into the granting of visitation for grandparents. Things like whether or not the grandparent had custody of the child at any point in time (whether or not it was court ordered), or if seeing the grandparent is in the child’s best interest. If abuse may occur of visitation did not occur is also a factor. In many cases there are strong bonds with children and their grandparents that may be altered due to a separation. This does not only include divorces, but if a parent passes away and the grandparent is still around. These relationships have a huge impact on the formative years of a child and should be maintained when possible.

Can Grandparents Get Custody Of Children?

This is possible when a court deems a parent unfit and the biological grandparents can provide for the child. In one case the mother of a child passed away and the father sought custody. Custody was awarded to the father even though he was not previously in the child’s life, because he was deemed to be a fit parent. It is important to understand that grandparent rights will always come second to parental rights.

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