Uncontested Divorce In Oklahoma

Uncontested divorce is when both parties agree on everything and do not need a judge to decide on any matters. Filing an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma can be as simple as having the decree drawn up and submitting it to the judge. Once the judge has signed off on it, the two parties are divorced.
Now, this sounds simple enough, but it does not mean that there are not negotiations and arguments. All it means is that you both agree to all the terms included in the divorce.

Things To Address

There are several items to go over in a divorce. Division of assets, debts, custody, visitation, alimony, and other factors that can affect the separation. This is typically more common in couples that do not share property or have children together. It doesn’t make the former impossible, it just means that it needs to be carefully looked over. Once a divorce is final, it can be difficult to modify things such as custody and child support. So you absolutely want to be sure you agree on everything.
To help achieve an agreement between both parties, it may help to go to mediation. This is where both attorneys and both spouses sit down with a neutral third party. A mediator cannot give any orders, nor can they make any judgements. A mediator simply helps to guide conversations in a way where an agreement can be made.

Is It The Best Option?

Uncontested divorce is certainly the simplest option, though not always the easiest. It should at least be attempted before having to go any further, such as to a trial. To explain it simply, an uncontested divorce is not only cheaper and more affordable as far as your attorney fees go, but also gives you complete control over the outcome. If you proceed to trial you will no doubt have to pay your lawyer more, and may not get everything you are seeking in your divorce.

Contact A Divorce Attorney

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