Kids And Teens Dealing With Divorce

While we say over and over that it is never the child’s fault when parents split up, that doesn’t mean that they don’t also deal with it. Whether or not co-parenting is possible, it can still be hard when children don’t have their parents together anymore. So we want to offer some advice to the children and teens dealing with divorce.

Find Someone To Talk To

This is not the time to bottle it all up. I know sometimes it can feel like no one understands. But now more than ever, it is a time to be open. Whether you are sad or angry, it can feel overwhelming. Sharing that load with someone will feel better and you will find that you are not alone.

You Don’t Have To Take Sides

Sometimes parents feel the need to lay out their feelings on you about the other parent. It is not your job to be your parents therapist. It is ok to tell them that you do not want to be involved. You are going to still love them both, regardless of what issues they may have with each other. And is it not your burden to carry. Remember that.

Remember To Still Have Fun

Don’t stop going out with your friends and doing the things you love. And when and if the time comes that you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it. As adults, that is our job.

If You Are The Parent…

Kids do not always communicate the best about how they feel. It is important that you explain these things to them. You are also going to be entering into new territory when it comes to co-parenting. That means learning new habits and behaviors that you may not be used to. Things like being as nice as possible to the other parent, saying, “Thank You”, returning calls and texts, and asking for opinions from the other parent.
The dynamics of your relationships are changing and if you want to be successful when it comes to your teens dealing with divorce, you will be patient and flexible. Remind them that you love them. And if you need more help with your divorce, schedule a consultation with Keri Palacios.
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