Sapulpa Civil Law Attorney

Many people wonder what exactly a civil law attorney does and whether or not they should hire one. To understand this, it helps to know what qualifies as a civil case. There are so many different kinds of civil cases. Because any case that is not a criminal case, is a civil case. And every civil law case differs from each other. Family law, debt collection, and probate are just a few examples of civil cases, yet all are not the same. It is also important to note that a Sapulpa civil law attorney can represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in these types of cases.

First Steps Of A Civil Case

The very first thing that happens in a civil case is the filing of a petition. This petition is a short claim explaining that the plaintiff who filed the claim, is entitled to some sort of relief or compensation. Not every case goes to court, as most cases where someone is being sued settle outside of court. After filing a petition, there are a limited number of days to serve the defendant in the case with a notice. If the defendant does not respond within the given number of days, the judge will grant a default order for the plaintiff. If the defendant does respond, they will file an answer to the petition, or their attorney will file for them, and may include a counter claim.

What Comes Next?

Discovery. This is where both parties have an opportunity to learn more details about the case from the opposing party outside of court. Discoveries may include things such as:
Depositions: This is where oral statements are taken under oath.
Interrogatories: These are answers to written questions.
Requests For Admission: Ordering a simple yes or no answer.
There are many other factors into discoveries that may take place.

Settling And Judgements

Over half of all civil cases wind up settling outside of court. Very rarely do civil cases go to trial. However, if you are currently involved in civil litigation and require the assistance of a Sapulpa Civil Law Attorney, contact Keri D Palacios. Our office is always ready to help you get through your case. As a truly professional Creek county lawyer, Keri will be by your side every step of the way.
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