Oklahoma Family Law Trial

The ideal situation during family and domestic cases would be that they are solved by agreement. That somehow all parties involved could compromise and reach an understanding. Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest things in someone’s life. There are pretty clear laws on division of property, assets, child support and custody, and even alimony. Often we see people who are often very great people on their worst days. Sometimes cooler heads just do not prevail. So when exactly should an Oklahoma family law trial begin? When an agreement simply cannot be met.

Adoptions Without Consent

Adoptions are normally contested by at least one parent. When a petitioner thinks they have a valid reason why an adoption should take place such as lack of child support or relationship with a child, it is hard to reach an agreement. And the petitioner may not always be right. There may be justifiable reasons for a lack of child support payments or an in person relationship. The petitioner will have a burden of proof to meet. Parental rights must be taken into consideration as they are not someone one will just concede.

Grandparents Rights

These cases almost always go to family trial in Oklahoma. Grandparents rights cases are emotionally fueled cases. When a petition for grandparents visitation is filed, it is usually because efforts to see a grandchild have been fruitless. It is hard to come to agreements in these matters as there is normally at least one parent involved who disagrees.

Relocation Of A Child

In Oklahoma you must petition the court to move a child over 75 miles away from a parent. There are many reasons for a relocation such as a career change or opportunity. But there are many factors to be considered in a relocation such as where the child goes to school, the relationship with the other parent, and other weighing factors. In almost all cases, this ends up being decided by a judge.

Child Abuse

Allegations of child abuse are very serious and handled as such. There are many reasons that these allegations come about. Whether there is physical evidence or not, or something a child parent, guardian, teacher, or other person has said. These cases are often coupled with another criminal case involving child abuse or neglect. The accused will always deny the allegations, and the case will end up in trial.

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