Oklahoma Child Support, Custody, And Visitation

Throughout your entire life you will always worry about your children. And you should. It’s what good parents do. And when parents can no longer live together, where the children will live always comes into question. This is something that does get decided in court, but you may come to an agreement in mediation. Keep in mind, custody is completely different from visitation. There is also a very big difference between legal custody and physical custody. Normally this comes up in the beginning of a case. Judges push for both parents to be as involved as possible in the rearing of a child. It has been amazing to see more parents becoming more active in their childs life in recent years, but it does make decisions much harder for the court.
The decision on where a child should live will always be based on what is in the best interest of the child. Which parent has been the primary care giver, where the child goes to school, and the health of the child. The court also considers any history of alcohol or drug abuse and domestic violence.


This is where the physical custody of a child comes into play. It is so hard to think about losing contact with your child, and we understand that completely. When both parents have very active roles with their child, the the thought of losing that becomes scary.
However these things are all considered by the court. Your needs as well including your work schedule and time available with your child.

Child Support

Oklahoma child support cases are extremely important. Not only does the child need financial support but also emotional support from both parents. Determining the amount of child support can be hard and frustrating. But we are here for you every step of the way in an environment that is safe and compassionate to your needs.
Keri D. Palacios is the family lawyer you need to help you understand how child support guidelines pertain to your case. She will help you get the best order, whether you are paying child support or receiving it. Your children are the number one priority and we want to help you with that. her experience in family law will help guide you in the best way possible. Contact our office today if you have any questions about Oklahoma child support, custody, or visitation.
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