Oklahoma Adoption Process


As an adoption attorney, Keri D. Palacios goes through the Oklahoma adoption process regularly. The process of trying to gain the rights to a child, one that you love very much, can be an extremely stressful process. There are countless reasons for adoption and, to date, we have yet to see two cases that are the same. The adoption process is not predictable and each cases presents it’s own unique circumstances. So, if you are seeking to adopt in Oklahoma, you are going to need a qualified adoption attorney.


Reasons To Adopt

There are so many reasons why parents choose to adopt in Oklahoma, that we couldn’t name them all. The vast majority of adoptions are uncontested and result in success. When adoptions are contested by another parent, they can be more difficult. Most parents choose to adopt due to:
  • Inability to conceive on their own.
  • Step parents with a close relationship to the step child, in which it is in the best interest of the child to be adopted.
  • Parents who choose to adopt a child who has been neglected or subject to abuse.
  • A family member in need of parental care.

Speak With An Adoption Lawyer In Oklahoma

You must be over 21 to adopt in Oklahoma. Almost anyone can apply for adoption but there are certain criteria that have to be met. Things such as criminal history, income, job stability, and other aspects that relate to your ability to financially and emotionally care for a child will be considered. You should not be discouraged from applying for adoption if you are single or don’t have a steady job, especially if it is something that really matters to you. Contacting an adoption attorney can help you ensure that your application is complete, and give you the best chances of a successful adoption. Send a message to Keri Palacios today to get started on your Oklahoma adoption case.
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