Do I Have To Share Custody?

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma might separate you from your spouse. But there is not any court filing on earth that can separate you from your children. These ties run deeper than any judgement in any courtroom. And thinking about being separated from children is what leads to hesitation in filing for divorce in the first place. In fact most people are thinking, “do I have to share custody?” The concerns about whether or not a parent will be cut from their children’s lives are very real, but often not the case.

Shared Custody And Visitation

Courts in Oklahoma are always going to first look at what gives the most benefit to the child(ren). Looking into what is in their best interest will always come first to the court and to the judge. There will be a lot of investigation into what is the current family dynamic and how that plays a role in child care. Joint custody is the most preferred and optimal outcome. Visitation is granted on the basis of which parent best suits the children’s needs. This includes things like school location, sports, extra curricular activities, etcetera. The court will also consider things like abuse, addiction, and other factors that may be harmful.

Coparenting When Possible

It may be your personal opinion that your significant other was not very good to you in your relationship. However it is still possible to recognize that they have a great relationship with their children and strengths as a parent. Take a good look at how interactions with the children take place. Unless there is some sort of physical or psychological harm to the kids, then compromise will be the easiest and best way. After all we want was is best for our children. Sharing custody with the other parent may just be that.

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