Divorcing Older Couples

When an older couple in Oklahoma files for divorce, there can be financial hurdles to overcome. However, that does’t mean that they cannot plan for a life after divorce. It is still possible to move on and have a future while protecting financial interests. 

A concern for divorcing older couples is always finances and monthly income. Things such as alimony are based on more than just base salaries. Things accumulated such as stock options, allowances, and other compensation may be considered in the divorce settlement. Division of assets is also a concern. Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state. This means that all assets acquired during the marriage are distributed as evenly as possible. Which can seem unclear and makes each case very unique. Our Sapulpa law office can help explain this legislation and how it may impact you in your divorce. 

Recovering Losses

Due to aging couples having less time to recover financial losses, the individual providing alimony may be required to cary life insurance. This will cover any future payment or child support as a form of protection. The party receiving alimony or payments should also be the beneficiary of the policy.  There may also be options for receiving Social Security income if the marriage lasted longer than ten years or other qualifying conditions are met. Family Attorney Keri Palacios can help you research your options and see what compensation you can get in your divorce agreement. 

Talk To A Divorce Attorney

Divorcing older couples may seek the guidance and representation of a Sapulpa, Oklahoma divorce attorney. Keri Palacios specializes in family law and can help you if you are going through a divorce. Call now or send a message here to get started on your litigation. 

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