The Difference Between A Divorce Vs. Legal Separation In Oklahoma

Even if you are in agreement that your marriage should end, it is still a painful and expensive process. Couples who are struggling in their marriage wind up in divorce court and learn just how real the situation is. If there is a chance that the two of you could reconcile, then you should pursue that option first. However, if there is no chance that your marriage can be saved and you need a divorce attorney, then call the office of Keri Palacios. You may way the options between divorce vs. legal separation.

What Is A Legal Separation?

Separating from your spouse is a good way to take a step back and reassess the situation. What led you to come here? Can it be fixed? There are two different kinds of legal separation, formal and informal.
Informal separation is like a “break up” if you will. There are no steps you need to take in court, you merely separate from each other for a while and think about where you are. This can last weeks or months, it’s up to you. This may help you to either solve your problems and reconcile, or show you that a formal separation is what is best for all involved.
Formal separation is recognized by the court. If in the future you decide to move forward with the divorce, this could help that process. You usually do not remain living together during a separation. You will have clear rules that reflect those of a divorce that both parties must abide by. A formal separation may include things such as
  • child support
  • visitation
  • alimony
  • asset division
  • financial responsibilities

How A Separation Can Help

Again there are benefits that pertain to a separation. This cooling off period can help you fix your marriage, or calm down enough to go through with your divorce in a better mind set. When you are separated you may still do certain things as a married couple such as file joint taxes and share insurance plans. Some religions prohibit divorce, so this is seen as an alternative when those couples no longer wish to live together.
You should consider a separation as either a stepping stone in your divorce, or a chance to fix things. Either way, you can count on the advice and counsel of Keri Palacios to help you. As a dedicated family attorney, Keri knows the ins and outs of complex separations and can guide you in the process. Call now or send a message today to get started.
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