Coparenting During Christmas – Holidays After A Separation

Is it really possible to get along and have a great holiday season after a separation or divorce? Yes. This is a time of year to come together and celebrate all that we have and all that we are thankful for. Coparenting during Christmas may seem a little difficult after a divorce, especially as most conversations are going to begin with arrangements and schedules. This can be very emotional. We want to give some steps and advice to families going through the holidays after a split, to make life a little easier.

Plan In Advance

It is most likely that you and your ex both want the same thing during the holidays, to spend it with your children. And you may think that if you don’t get what you want, then you will be miserable. Compromise is key when it comes to sharing. Being able to give and take, split a day in half, or plan for different days is a great way that both the parents and the children get time with their loved ones.

Communicate In Different Ways

Sometimes face to face conversations get heated and emotional. You may find it easier to speak to each other through email or text messaging and that is totally fine. Making it easier to take yourself out of the emotions will facilitate better arrangements around the holidays.

Ask Your Children What They Want

This is a very good way to consider what you should and shouldn’t do. Children at different ages have different beliefs and preferences. If you have small children that still believe in Santa, you should cover your bases so that they understand they will get a visit no matter what. As children get older, they just want their parents, so ask them how they might like to split their time up.

How A Custody Lawyer Can Help

In many cases, some of these decisions are predetermined by the court. Rotating holidays each year can ensure that both parents get a chance to spend the season with their kids. If you and your former spouse get along well enough, spend it together! But if not, a lawyer and a judge may help to decide what is best for everyone. While it is best to be amicable, we understand that that is not always the case. Call the office of Keri D. Palacios now to schedule a consultation regarding your custody and visitation schedule.
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